Which Hunger Games Character Are You?

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The Hunger Games, which is one of my favorite books, has some pretty amazing and diverse characters. Do you know which one you are? Which one your friends are?

Will you be the famous Katniss Everdeen? Or Peeta Mellark? Or maybe even President Snow? Prim? Rue? Or Effie?Take my simple twelve step quiz to find out!

Created by: hermiones12

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. First of all, how would you describe yourself?
  2. What color is your fav, out of these?
  3. Which weapon do you prefer?
  4. Which class is your favorite?
  5. Are you in the Districts, or the Capitol?
  6. Which element:
  7. What would you do if someone came up to yo asking for money? You have three dollars.
  8. What would you do in the Hunger Games when the countdown is up?
  9. And what would be your strategy?
  10. What would you be mostly doing?

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Quiz topic: Which Hunger Games Character am I?