Who are you in Cavernclan?

Have you ever seen that thread on the library titled Cavernclan? Or, more recently, on the stage? Have you ever looked at the thread it's self? And, have you ever wondered who you are in that clan? Maybe Leader Nettlestar? Or Deputy Ravenmoon? How about queen Darksong? This should tell you.

What is Cavernclan? Where do they live? Cavernclan is a group of feral cats that live in a forest not to far away from a Twolegplace (city/town). They hunt mainly mice, birds, voles, and similar animals. But, the special thing about Cavernclan is where their camp is. They live in a dense Network of tunnels, caves, and such. As soon as a kit is made an apprentice, they are trained in navigating the tunnels. No cat knows the whole tunnel system, but cats can still easily find their way around. Cavernclan rarely hunt in the tunnels, but they practice battling and navigating in them. Whenever Cavernclan is attacked, they take the battle into the tunnels. (So, I made a mistake on Snowpaw's page. When I said Splashfoot is her apprentice, I meant her mentor. Just so you know.)

Created by: Rave098
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  1. So, you're a kit in Cavernclan. You wander out of the nursery for the first time. You know where everything is, and you know what it looks like, since an older kit told you. What do you look at?
  2. You're an apprentice! Your mentor lets you decide what you do first. What do you do?
  3. A kittypet wants to join the clan, and the leader lets the clan decide. The whole clan is split up, 50/50. The result is up to you! What do you choose?
  4. You are about to be made a warrior! But your clan leader can't think of a suffix for your name! What do you want it to be?
  5. While you're being made an Warrior, a twoleg bursts into camp! What do you do?
  6. You finally get rid of the twoleg. You go back to the ceremony, and your leader gives you name you hate most! What do you do?
  7. Your crush just admitted that he loved someone from another clan, and he runs away! How do you react?
  8. Are you an apprentice, warrior, Elder, or Deputy/Leader?
  9. Who plays you? (Just choose one!)
  10. Goodbye! May Starclan light your path!

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Quiz topic: Who am I in Cavernclan?