Who are you? by ellie and ellis

This quiz is probably the bets quiz you will ever take. Do you want to knwo who you are? then this is the quiz to take. Tip for you! Ellie is the best person to get ;) Dani is the worst!

why do we have two descriptions? i dont know, but here is my second one, i dont know what really im writing about, but im just filling this box up until all the characaters are gone.

Created by: Ellie and ellis

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Would you rather be taking this quiz than doing business stduies?
  2. What other questions can we do?
  3. Have you exited it?
  4. What's his name?
  5. can we get beckt to come over here?
  6. What is the capital of england?
  7. What is my mothers maiden name?
  8. How do you spell that?
  9. Where did you get them flip flops from?
  10. Who is Ted Klaudt?
  11. How much did this quiz annoy you?

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Quiz topic: Who am I? by ellie and ellis