How well do you know SSA Ellie Conway?

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As the author of the Byte Series I thought it would be fun to find out how much my readers actually know about my main character. 8 books and many short stories later, I think there's a heap of information out there about Ellie. So let's see if I'm right.

How much do you know about Ellie Conway, the main character from the Byte Series of FBI thrillers? Take the quiz and find out if you're an Ellie expert.

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  1. What is Ellie's preferred work attire?
  2. Where does Ellie wear her weapon?
  3. Who is Ellie's best friend?
  4. How many of Ellie's homes have exploded?
  5. Who was Mac Connelly?
  6. What State or District does Ellie live in?
  7. Ellie enjoys the occasional drink of ...
  8. Where was Ellie going when she was shot in the arm on a D.C. street?
  9. What colour are Ellie's eyes?
  10. Does Ellie have any siblings?
  11. What's Ellie's job title?
  12. Who used to live in Mauryville when Ellie was a fresh young FBI agent?
  13. Who created the Butterfly Foundation to support kids with mentally ill parents?
  14. Why did Ellie break up with Rowan Grange?
  15. Where did Ellie meet Mitch?
  16. What does Ellie do to stay in shape?
  17. What happened to Ellie at the Museum of Natural History?
  18. What is Ellie's worst fear?
  19. What weapon does Ellie carry?
  20. How does Ellie think she'll die?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know SSA Ellie Conway?