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  • Lol. I'm black from a black family and I got an 81% white privilege. What point are you trying to make here? You failed

    Girl here
  • leftist idiots, your boi is brown and apparently 58% white privileged.

    this white privilege is just a myth people made up to make themselves feel better about being purely and utterly incompetent

  • White privilege doesn't exist...

    Most of these questions are really dependent on where you grow up.

    For ex: If you grow up in a black-based community, then you are most likely to be surrounded by black people, etc.

    This is propaganda to make leftists feel better about themselves.

    I am an Asian who was born in America, with plentiful privileges, such as growing up with a good and wealthy family in a fantastic community. As I am near the age of angsty teenage years, I always hear racist comments, such as *ching chong ching chong* but it is never referred to seriously, always jokingly.

    If there is anything, there is Asian privilege.

    We have a higher percentage than any race of getting into college, (except for Harvard,) we are typically wealthier, and literally, everything addressed in this passage.

    My parents wouldn't be happy with my 40%, it's not even a passing grade ;)

  • I got 13% with a note saying "you don't have white privilege" guess what, neither did any of the other white kids I grew up with and lived next to have it either. The truth is and I know this is hard to swallow because the truth always hurts, WHITE PRIVILEGE IS A MYTH!!! It existed before I or most people were born unless they're like 65+ years old. Anyone who labels anyone with white privilege is a f---ing racist and they themselves are OVER PRIVILEGED AMERICANS.

  • So because I feel comfortable going anywhere, am not fearful of law enforcement/authorities, and have no problems talking to all types of people, I have 69% white privilege? I guess fitting in confidently into society is not oppressed enough for me to be the proud Latino I am. Thanks for wasting my time.

  • I got 15% and yet I'm a white girl who looks like a vampire, I'm so oppressed by society for not fitting in with the basic white people standards!

  • I got 50% lol. I’m a 35 year old Irish guy who grew up in a Hispanic Mostly city and I still live here. And being white here ( not easy ) but I don’t cry bout it, my choices dictate how I do. I don’t have money, but doing ok, years ago when I was struggling and needed a little help paying a gas bill, the mayor helps people pay everything from there bills to there rent, so I figured I really need help and for the 1st time I reached out for it instead of doing something stupid and end up in prison like I would have done in my teens and early 20’s. Well I was white, so I got a big NO. Next guy he talked to was a Cuban guy, he paid his hole back rent, 2 months. But I didn’t complain and blame everybody, I found another way, and worked harder so I would never have so ask for help again. No one in this county that makes the right choices should have a problem with anything they want to do. Might take longer and your gonna have to work hard but you will get where you want. I’m not where I want but I will get there as long as I keep doing what I’m doing. I wish it was just given to me cuz of the color of my skin like so many people think but it just don’t work like that. When I was poor it was my fault, now I’m ok not grate but I pay my bill with a tiny extra, cuz I put in the work and I will keep doing better cuz no matter what is thrown at me I will get to where I want. Nobody can stop you if you want something, only you can stop you.

  • I need to check my privilege apparently I am 100% white privileged please help me I am so racists and didn't even know it.

  • I’m indian and I got 88% white privileged this is some leftist bulls--- quiz white privilege isn’t real I’m f---ing brown and somehow I’m “white privileged” wtf 😂

  • Wow, I answered as truthfully as possible. I, the whitest German male ever, has 8% white privilege. I’m so oppressed😑

  • I answered never for all of them and got 100%

    • IM SOUTHEAST ASIAN WITH 100 % white privilege this why I am conservative because of B.S like this


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