White Privilege Quiz

Welcome to this quiz. The quiz is about how white privileged you are. Answer the questions truthfully and you'll see your results at the end of the quiz.

This quiz was made at MG, so it's not a professional quiz, so don't take the results to heart. This is just to give you an idea on how you perceive yourself and such.

UPDATE: This quiz is originally from The White Privilege Pop Quiz For Trayvon Martin by Molly Secours.

Created by: Easton
  1. When was the first time you were made aware of your racial identity and realized that your 'race' would play a pivotal role in the challenges you faced on a daily basis?
  2. How often are you reminded about being the race with which you identify?
  3. As a child how often were you given safety instructions on how to walk through a department store or public establishment in a way that did not foster suspicion or attract attention?
  4. How often have you been (or are you now) coached by parents or guardians or family members on how to behave or what to say in order to avoid being perceived as dangerous or menacing when confronted by law enforcement, teachers or authority figures?
  5. How often do you talk with close friends and family members (or just wonder to yourself) whether or not your racial identity is negatively impacting your daily interactions with others?
  6. How often have you wondered if your race negatively impacted a job interview, a grade, a confrontation with a co-worker or a friend?
  7. How often are you the only person (or very few) of your identified race in daily activities? Including church, school, social activities, etc?
  8. Have you ever been tempted to deny your racial identity in order to feel more comfortable in a particular setting or to have an advantage?
  9. Have you ever found yourself feeling frustrated, invisible or ashamed in a history class because you felt "˜your people' weren't represented (or represented accurately) in history?
  10. While watching television or movies do you often feel that people who look like you or are racially/culturally connected to you are not represented (or misrepresented) in the media?
  11. How often have you wondered if something you said or did in a public setting might reflect negatively on your identified race?

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