Which Youtuber Do You Watch?

Many people watch famous youtubers, which one is right for you? Shane Dawson? Brittani Lousie Taylor? Smosh? BubzBeauty? I Like Them ALL! ;D RAWR! Dinosaur!

Rawr I'm a dinosaur. I love music and no one reads these so. Smosh is the best! Don't tell Shane or Brittani. And I like BeyondBeautyStar better than Bubz, Don't tell!

Created by: LexxyeLushious

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you enjoy laughing?
  2. Do you care if they curse?
  3. Would you watch a boy or girl?
  4. Do you like music?
  5. Favorite number
  6. Do you like makeup?
  7. Will you comment?
  8. Will you rate?
  9. Rawr!
  10. Likey? No Likey?

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Quiz topic: Which Youtuber do I Watch?