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Hello, welcome to my would you rather quiz! This isn't the first one I made and probably won't be my last. But hey, they're fun to make and fun to take, so why not?

In order to fully understand this quiz, you probably need to watch a variety of youtubers... or at least the same ones I watch. If you don't know who they are, then I suggest you look them up. Or you could just be lazy and answer the questions anyway. Enjoy!

Created by: Firey_Soul
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  1. Would you rather meet Smosh or Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil?
  2. Would you rather collab with Joey Graceffa or Connor Franta?
  3. Would you rather be BFF's with Zoella or Jenna Marbles?
  4. Would you rather kiss Joey Graceffa or Sawyer Hartman?
  5. Would you rather cuddle with Sawyer or his adorable dog Hitch? (I personally think that's a really tough choice because Sawyer is hot, but Hitch is probably the cutest dog I've ever seen in my life! :S)
  6. Would you rather be in one of Smosh's videos or be in one of Shane Dawson's videos?
  7. Would you rather have Shane be dating Lisa and they post lots of cute, coupley videos or have Shane dating Joey and they do the same, only the videos are also full of innuendo.
  8. Would you rather collab with Jack and Finn Harries or Tyler Oakley?
  9. Would you rather date Dan Howell or Anthony Padilla?
  10. Would you rather watch a marathon of every smosh video or every Shane Dawson video?
  11. This is more of an opinion question than anything. Fave real youtube couple?
  12. What about your fave fictional (or not yet proven) youtube couple / ship? I know it's hard to choose! D:

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