Which Yoneda Kou Character Are You?

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Do you love the yakuza drama of Saezuru? Can't get enough of the salarymen's relationship woes in Dous---emo? Maybe you've already thought long and hard about which YK character you identify with the most, but, in case you haven't...

there's this quiz! Not all of YK's amazing characters could be featured in this quiz (like Nanahara, Misumi, RYUUZAKI), so the couples got first dibs.

Created by: would_not_touch

  1. What kind of voice do you find the sexiest?
  2. What is stronger for you at first: physical or emotional attraction?
  3. How do you feel about attention?
  4. What’s your ideal date?
  5. Where are you likely to be found on a Friday night?
  6. Do you consider yourself impulsive?
  7. How do you act when you have conflicts with your significant other?
  8. What’s your energy like?
  9. What’s your hidden talent?
  10. Of the following, which turns you on the most?
  11. Pick an aesthetic.
  12. Pick an emoji.

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Quiz topic: Which Yoneda Kou Character am I?