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  • Phoenix (Jean Grey) 92%

    Alright. jean, you're the perfect person. Able to speak your mind and do what's best for others. You love Scott and Logan likes you. You can move anything with your mind and more. But, sadly, you have a dark side. The Phoenix within you strives to kill. Don't let your bad side take over! Always look at the glass half full (not half empty) and your life will be gr8!

    85% Wolverine (Logan)
    76% Cyclops (Scott Summers)
    51% Rogue (Anne Marie)
    46% Storm (Ororo Munroe)
    36% Mystique (Raven Darkholme)
    34% Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner)
    31% Magneto (Eric)

  • Yay! I got Storm!
    This was a fun quiz... I like it :)

    p.s. the kid whos mutation is that mutes other mutant's powers' codename is Leech... I think his first name is Jamie, but I don't remember.

  • I am soon happy I got storm she rock!!

    Ps. My uncle took this quiz and got storm and he said "d**n I got the hottest chick on that movie! hahahahaha

  • dude this is a cool quiz im right between wolverine and jean grey (wolverine a bit higher so thats what i got) and theyre my favs!

  • being wolverine is cool and im a bad a__ there no dieing so world watch out!

  • That's a cool quiz...I'm Jean!!! Yay!!!


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