this is an accurate setting of what superstar you are in WWE this is a really fun quiz take it now. This is the quiz that you are whether your JBL RANDY ORTON OR BATISTA.

Are you interested in WWE THAN THIS IS THE RIGHT QUIZ FOR YOU ENJOY IT YOU WILL LIKE IT BUT You might not like the answer but this is my first quiz so go ahead and take it and rate it

Created by: NONE

  1. Are you brave
  2. Are yoiu afraid of other people?
  3. Which is your favorite WWE Superstar
  4. Are you really fat?
  5. what do people describe you as?
  6. Do you talk alot in front of alot of people?
  7. Are you well known
  8. Are you bored with this quiz?
  9. Ready to find out who you are
  10. How often do you watch WWE

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Quiz topic: Which WWE SUPERSTAR am I?