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  • Death 86%. Followed by Myth 76% and Balance 67%. Funny, i always said I would never do myth lol... I do have a death and balance, though xD

    Kiki1gene Sep 12 '18, 6:52PM
  • Fire and right behind it storm funny thing is I have a death wizard lol

    aidenzoom41 Jun 14 '16, 3:02PM
  • i am fire and i am fire lol

    ReignsRoman Mar 10 '16, 5:27PM
  • i got ice to and in my opinion ice is the best, because even though you arent doing much to yor oponet it is vic versa so yeah go icce #brrrrr p.s ice does not suck anc it is not bad be proud and reptesent-Awesome00

    gorrila Jun 10 '15, 10:59PM
  • I loved this quiz!!! :D

    kolohea246 Dec 29 '14, 4:14PM
  • I kept redoing this test over and over again and got balance. One time I got fire, though... but I almost ALWAYS got balance. The creator of this quiz days that balance is powerful, so I'll have to wait and see...

    BIGWIZARD97 Sep 22 '14, 7:49PM
  • I got myth while trying to debate what school I should be. I guess I'll try out myth to about level 10 or 15 and see how I like it.

    BIGWIZARD97 Sep 22 '14, 7:38PM
  • cool i got 98% storm

    tyga66 Sep 9 '14, 1:20PM
  • cool i got 98 storm

    tyga66 Sep 9 '14, 1:18PM
  • Awesome my school: Ice!
    By the way Awesome00 ice doesn't suck. It has weaker attacks but way more health: almost double the health of a storm wizard the same level. Don't be like that, ice can actually top a lot of schools with its own unique aspects. I wouldn't be surprised if you lost a duel to an ice wizard- not to say your school sucks or anything like that.

    Next time, I wouldn't say mean things like that, Awesome00


    Celestia Jul 5 '14, 2:25PM
  • Life. Not too bad!

    AnAwesomeMiner Jun 20 '14, 3:20AM
  • Storm, 81%. Time to nuke all the things.

    Sirblah Jun 5 '13, 9:19PM
  • Omg I got my school myth rocks

    1emma May 29 '13, 6:03PM
  • Ice? Aw man!!!! Ice Sucks!!!!!! Great quiz though

    Awesome00 Jan 2 '12, 5:14PM
  • Myth XD

    Beast00 Dec 14 '11, 10:48PM
  • cool. death as usual

    zomgirl Dec 14 '11, 7:09PM
  • Cool i got death -_-

    wolfman1 Dec 14 '11, 4:41PM
  • Healing doesn't sound too bad.

    tazemaster Dec 14 '11, 7:19AM

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