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  • Which Water Tribe Would You be From?
    Your Result: Northern Water Tribe 81%

    The Northern Water Tribe is a division of the Water Tribe located in the North Pole. Built inside high walls of ice and located in dangerous tundra terrain, the city prospers in isolation. The capital city features a hidden oasis which houses Tui and La, the Moon and Ocean Spirits. The water of the oasis is said to contain unique healing properties. It is a place where the Spirit World overlaps with the mortal world.Women become marriageable at the age of sixteen.Engaged women wear "betrothal necklaces and are not allowed to waterbend , but learn healing methods. This area was the birth place of Councilman Tarrlok and Amon (Noatak) when their father escaped to the Northern Tribe and married their mother Noteable People from this tribe: Avatar Kuruk, Princess Yue, Yakone, Tarrlok, and Amon( Noatak)

    74% South ern Water Tribe
    43% Foggy Swamp tribe

    i love this quiz! Avatar was my very first anime

  • Foggy swamp tribe,seems about right sense I am very adventurous and mysterious like them along with wanting a catagator due to my love of cats and unique creatures. Cool quiz mate.

  • Foggy swamp tribe, pretty accurate I have brown hair and green-yellow eyes. Nice quiz!


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