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  • Your Result: The Comedian 81%

    You lived a very faulty childhood. Since you witnessed very painful death, you feel that life is all just a joke. You do not believe in the American dream. You'll do bad things to achieve your way. You need to work on your sense of humor, Comedian.

    76% Ozymandias
    70% Dr. Manhattan
    53% Rorschach
    51% Silk Spectre
    51% Nite Owl

  • Your Result: Rorschach 81%

    You take the law into your own hands. You despise your normal person disguise. You don't capture; you kill. Wrongs cannot be dealt with by time in jail, it must be terminated. You will never become soft like your former comrades. You are not Walter Kovacs, you are Rorschach.

    66% The Comedian
    62% Ozymandias
    57% Dr. Manhattan
    28% Nite Owl
    17% Silk Spectre

    The faded smoke
  • i havent seen the watchmen
    but i've seen clips of it on youtube
    not the kinda movie to bring your kids...
    okay...i do love smiley faces


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