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  • Your Result: You Are Cornelia Hale! 85%

    Like Cornelia, you have the Power of Earth by your side. Your down-to-earth and lovable. Your loyal in relationships and trustworthy in friendships. Having the Power of Earth is great, since you can make huge clumps of earth rise from the ground and throw them at enemies! You can also make plants grow faster and create earthquakes!

    Cool I have my favorite character!

  • Which W.I.T.C.H. Character Are You? (Girls Only)

    Your Result: You Are Taranee Cook!

    Like Taranee, you have the Power of Fire by your side, and saying that, you are quite fiery and impulsive yourself! You are protective of your family and friends, which is great. With the Fire Power, you can create sparks of fire and burn your way through difficult places. Plus, if you haven't got a torch, you can create a little fireball inside you palm!

    You Are Hay-Lin!
    You Are Irma Lair!
    You Are Will Vandom!
    You Are Cornelia Hale!

    x aka mrlq x
  • Your Result: You Are Irma Lair!

    Like Irma, you have the Power of Water by your side. Your the joker of the pack and love cheering your friends up. With the Power of Water, you can create huge tidal waves and make time go faster!

    I LUV Irma! Can't wait for season 3, if they ever make it.


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