Which Vampire Diaries character you

hi this is my quiz !!!its which vampire diaries character are you i hope you like it because i really worked hard on it too its sooos cool any way will you like it POST A COMMENT !!!

do you know vampiree diaries if you do do you like it do you like...which cahcters ?????ready to ffind out that which character and suits your persanality the best !!!

Created by: AMANDA
  1. Hello Do you know the show The Vampire Diaries?
  2. what is your favourite colour *shreaks *
  3. Choose one !
  4. what colour are your eyes?
  5. do you join the team thats going to win ?
  6. Which whould you rather feed on if you were an actul vampire?
  7. who do you want to get ????
  8. did you like this quiz ?
  9. pick a last name !
  10. Ready for reesults !!!!

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