How well do you know The Vampire Diaries?x

Well this Quiz obviously is about the Vampire diaries and how much you know them!!! You can get that from the Title :DDDDDDDDD Sooo I really hope you enjoy it!!!

Don't worry how much do you get low or high you will always be a fan of TVD! If u get a high one then GOOD WORK! and if u don't i bet all you need is to just try again!

Created by: Gabija
  1. Who Turned Rose?
  2. How did Elena Get turned into a Vampire?
  3. Which Season did Elena and Damon kissed first?
  4. Who was Anna killed by?
  5. How did Jenna die?
  6. What is Klauses last name?
  7. Who gave Rebekah the neckless That elena got from Stefan?
  8. What are the Original families childrens names?
  9. How can Original Vampire be Killed?
  10. Why didn't Katherine had to compel Damon to drink her blood but she had to compel Stefan?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Vampire Diaries?x