Which 'Until Dawn' Character Are You?

Ever wonder which Until Dawn character you relate to the most? Find out! Biased slightly due to personal views on characters, this quiz is the right place to be.

All the basic characteristics, personality wise, at least, are in here; you have Sam's veganism, Mike's protective nature, Chris' nerdiness, what else do you need?!

Created by: Cleo
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  1. You find a hurt bird near your home, what do you do?
  2. You lend you're expensive jacket to a friend, and they get caught in a rainstorm, and it gets ruined; how do you react?
  3. You're best friend start's going out with your ex, you;
  4. You're best friend calls you; it's 3am and they're FREAKING out, they really need someone there. You;
  5. You have a friend spending the night. It's one am, and said friend is asleep. Something happens, and you start to lose your s---. You;
  6. You're prescription runs out, but you don't have your license yet, and your parents aren't home. It has reached the time of day to take your pills, but you're late to meeting a friend, you;
  7. Do you like Marvel?
  8. Pick a meal.
  9. Pick a Dorito flavor.
  10. What sexual orientation are you?
  11. What is your gender?
  12. Final question! Do you like girls, or boys?

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Quiz topic: Which 'Until Dawn' Character am I?