Which Unordianary character are you? Quiz

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Do you read Unordinary. You obiously like it so here is a quiz to see what character you are and what power you have. Just do it.......................

U N O. R. D I. N A R Y.................I need to do this to publish it lol. Im writing random things. To much reapeted things in the second paragraph.

Created by: Liam

  1. Would you save your closest friend or your self?
  2. Are you strong but nice?
  3. Revenge Or Leave it be
  4. If you fall will you get back up
  5. Cake?
  6. Kill or Hostage
  7. Rich or Smart
  8. Lazy or Active?
  9. Did you like this quiz?
  10. Skill or power

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Quiz topic: Which Unordianary character am I? Quiz