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  • I am apparently 91% Conservative. Even though this is relevant to the 2010 election, I think this sounds about right, as I will definitely be voting Tory in 2015. I am somewhat thankful that I was too young to vote in 2010, becuase if I was able to vote then I'd have voted Lib Dem or possibly even Labour. Now that I have matured and become more realistic, as opposed to idealistic, I have become more conservative fiscally, though I am more liberal with social issues. However, as the Conservatives have the strongest economic plan, and with this being a key issue, I have no choice but to vote Tory at the next election.

    Anonymous John
  • Which UK Political Party Am I?
    Your Result: British National Party: 85%

    BNP's key priorities at this next election include: halt all immigration; deport criminal and illegal immigrants; offer legal immigrants financial incentives to return voluntarily to their countries of origin; give preference in the job market to "native Britons"; withdraw British troops from Iraq and Afghanistan; only commit British troops to conflicts which "directly affect" British interests; re-introduce corporal and capital punishment; withdraw from the EU.

    35% United Kingdom Independence Party
    3% Liberal Democrat
    0% Green Party
    0% Labour
    0% Conservative

  • I was 85% Green Party. If I lived in England I would probably vote that way. But I live in Scotland and vote SNP. Shame this quiz ruled out that option but, like many other "UK" things, it's not UK at all but England only. The UK is not a homogenous, unitary state with a shared perspective on politics. It's a multinational state and - if organisations wish to provide equal opportunities to everyone who resides in it - this must be recognised and reflected in their practice.

    EK man
  • The overwhelming consensus seems to be BNP is right-wing, it really isn't, they are self professed national socialist and run to the left of labour on economic issues, it's only their stance on social issues that makes them seem awkwardly right-winged racist. Aside from that I see myself as a UKIP person, even though I disagree with them on alot of issues, but they seem to have it right on the biggest issue of our time; the EU; and the only ones with the guts to honestly do something.

  • 81% Green. Considering I'm a member of the Green party It makes sense. The only policy I disagree with the Greens is about Nuclear power. Its carbon clean and is actually very safe especially with the new design reactors. Also the United States have been buying old soviet Nuclear warheads and using them for power. Kind of poetic really.

  • Caff68 Hitler was left wing economically. He fought against capitalism and proposed large public works projects that were funded by government money. I think your small brain is confusing Hitler's strict social policies as being right wing, when they're actually more authoritarian. Please stop pretending to be politically educated, you complete moron.

  • I got conservative and labour with both an equal percentage, typical of me, I have some very varied views, I agree with some policies of all parties and would love to have a party composed of a compromise from all parties, I'm not as extreme as either Tories or Labour, but I'm not a lib dem fan... Wow, my first election vote will be fun

  • lol I'm an American but I took this quiz just to see what I'd get, with my information coming from BBC America, and I got British National Party. I agree with the brief description except for their views on the Iraq conflict/war thing. I strongly support the military, especially since I believe British special forces are just as good (or maybe even better) than our own here in America. :)

  • 77%

    UKIP's key priorities at this next election include: withdraw from the EU and enter into a Swiss-style free trade agreement with EU members; replace basic and higher income tax and national insurance rates with a single, flat tax rate for everyone; freeze immigration for five years; establish a grammar school in every town; oppose green taxes and wind farms; create an English Parliament of English MPs at Westminster.

    53% Conservative
    48% Labour
    46% British National Party
    31% Liberal Democrat
    0% Green Party

  • This quiz shows me a UKIP and BNP, whereas I am more Green and Independent. The problem is that it is fitting people into policies, rather than fitting policies into parties. The next version needs to start with a list of proposition, and then seen whether the choices made by voters match those made by party spokesmen.

  • I got 89% Green Party. I agree with their left wing socialist economic policies and their radical environmental policies to stop climate change but I think they're too soft on immigration and crime. And I also got 72% Liberal Democrat, or what the Liberal Democrats promised before they joined the coalition and went back on it all!!!

  • Green Party.. interesting, I have never really associated myself with the Greens!

    Better than all the Nazi's on here though! Supporting the BNP? What sick, twisted and evil b------s are you people?

    Only amusement was the person who said "Labour are too communist".. yes, well er I hate to break it to you but they are centre-left and are being led by Ed Milliband, not Lenin or Trotsky!

  • So apparently I'm a Liberal Democrat. It's hard to say how accurate that result is, seeing as I don't live in Britain or have any idea what the issues of the country are. Do you guys really get fingerprinted at school? I guess the United States isn't as much of a police state as I thought it was- now I'm kind of glad I live here!

  • Anonymous John, now he's all grown-up and mature, really thinks the Conservative Party have the "strongest economic policy". Well, all I can say to that, as someone who's more than twice his age but still don't consider myself to have grown up, is: "A-hahahahahahahaha hahahahaha" and damnit, people really shouldn't automatically be allowed to vote, just because they have completed 18 years on this earth. If he's so green that he honestly thinks raising VAT was ever going to help the economy to thrive and flourish, and doesn't know that the Tories borrowed more in 3 years than Labour did over THIRTEEN (or does know, and doesn't realise that makes them LESS good with the economy, not better), then maybe he should do the decent thing and go and educate himself a little before he takes advantage of the hard-fought-for privilege of voting.

  • I was Conservative but I wasn't too surprised. Labour are too communist and Gordon Brown is a poor leader. Liberal Democrats will never be in power and the minor parties should just give up because they are either racist or ridiculous to british values.

    Your MP
    David Cameron

  • i wasnt expecting my result being the BNP i had convinced myself i would come out as conservative.

    hm mm even though ive come out as BNP i will probably still vote conservative because ive got to be realistic.

    the big three labour, tories and lib dems are the only real choices as not enough people will vote for the smaller parties because they are all either to far left or far right which makes them very unpopular with at least 50% of the countries voters.

    p.s. Deaths B1tch thats a bit harsh coming from a wet lettuce lib dum who have no real solid policies and try and toe the middle ground flapping like a fish out of water.

    The Empire Metal
  • Being a UKIP member, I was rather surprised with my result. There were some questions where I could of tick 2 or 3 answers from one questions but was only allowed to tick one answer to each question.

    However, I'm still with the right party UKIP with a score of 93%, ... 71% BNP which really surprised me, 7% Lib/Dem, and 0% for the Greens, Conservatives, and Labour.

    Hymn with Spade
  • My result was 'Evens' between Green and Lib Dems, and Lib Dems was where my vote was going! I think it would be historic for our country to embrace an alternative perspective to politics, otherwise we might move towards an American system with just two choices.

  • I only got a proper percentage for 2 parties. BNP, 79% and UKIP, 67%. I don't consider myself to be right wing but looking at other comments I'm not the first to get BNP top of the chart. I got 0% for conservative, lib dems, labour and green. Maybe I'm the first person to do that though.

  • i got UKIP. this is totally in line with who i would vote for. only problem - my area doesnt have a UKIP candidate therefore i am totally stumped and really dont know who to vote for. we just have the 3 main parties and an independent called the 'Trust Party'

    so dont know if i will bother voting as i dont believe in any of the main 3.

  • This quiz is very wide of the mark, and that is being polite about it. My results show that I am 23 per cent Conservative. You must be joking! I'm a card-carrying Trot!

    Still, at least I come up as having nil per cent sympathy for UKIP/BNP.

  • I honestly can't decide. There's only one place that seems to be neutral and it's called Scenes of Reason, it's sole purpose is the be impartial and actually explain things, which for me I really need!

    Olivia Cap
  • Haha someone's put that people are wrong to regard the BNP as right-wing, as they are self-confessed "National Socialists"!! Haha :-) Is anyone going to tell him about Hitler and his party? Dear dear.

  • I got British National Party haha. Yes they're slight extremists but they seem to be the only party that gives a crap about border control! So they always have my vote anyway

    (By the way... you can call them Nazis and such all you want but at least they aren't just pretending that immigration doesn't cause a problem for us and turning their backs at the risk of offending anyone)

  • I did expect a torie result and im quite relieved it was!

    but i noticed that it was a close call between the top three which i think says alot about how watered down all of them are. The difference between the slogans of labour and lib dem is only one word after all.

    Tbh i dont think there is much between them at all, and that is by no means a positive thing.


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