Which Uchiha Are You Most Likely to Marry?

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Have you ever thought to yourself... 'I wonder what Uchiha would make the best lover for me?' I'm about to give you an answer, with this quiz below. Try it!

Out of six commonly seen Uchiha (men), which are you perfect for? Do you agree or disagree with your results? Let me know. (This isn't fact, just my personal opinion.)

Created by: Chi Goto of My Naruto books ('n' stuff)
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  1. Let's start with simple, basic stuff. What's a hobby of yours?
  2. What's your favorite jutsu style?
  3. What is your attack plan?
  4. One of your people (teammate or underling) is hurt and unable to aid in battle. What do you about it?
  5. An enemy sends a strong attack and you're hurt. What do you do?
  6. You come across an enemy way below your power. How do you go about it?
  7. (Switching to modern AU) Your best friend invites you to a party. He doesn't know anyone there, but his older brother is apparently friends with someone going. Do you attend and why or why not?
  8. Somehow you get dropped off anyway. As soon as you enter the door, your friend runs off tailing his brother. Someone approaches you, smiling. What do you do?
  9. They only say welcome before stuffing a (beer/vodka/whatever) in your hand and disappearing. You...?
  10. You get into the backyard, and of course, there's a pool there. You're wearing a swimsuit underneath (don't ask why). What kind of suit?
  11. Now what do you do?
  12. Before you can do anything, your friend comes outside, too, and immediately tosses off his shirt and jumps in. He beckons you to do the same, so you do. Now?
  13. Whatever, you're in the pool now. A man comes outside, ready to get in the pool as well. He has black hair and eyes, and when your own orbs catch his, he smirks a little. Your reaction?
  14. He gets in the pool and happens to be near you, to which your friend grabs your wrist and jerks you away. He then drags you out of the pool away from the mystery man. What do you think?
  15. Your friend, near the door leading inside, spins you around and immediately tries to kiss you. What do you do?
  16. Even if you wanted to kiss him, you didn't, because before you could, you were yanked back into someone. "I'll take care of her from now on." You look up to see the black haired guy from the pool. You?
  17. While your friend is stunned by what's happening, the guy drags you off to the side of the house. "Um... what's your name?" You ask."Oh, me? I'm..." (This question is just to finish the story, it doesn't give you any points.)

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Quiz topic: Which Uchiha am I Most Likely to Marry?