The Itachi Life Qiuz

This qiuz is about Uchiha Itachi. Please try it. I would like to meet the good and weak people that take it. I will help the weak and I will just like to know the genius's

If you like Uchiha Itachi's life let's see if you know anything about it. Don't worry if you fail you will recieve my email and I will tell you about it.

Created by: Rebin
  1. Why did Itachi kill his parents?
  2. Who had to be killed after his parents?
  3. Did Sasuke stay alive?
  4. How did Sasuke stay alive (If you chose yes.)
  5. Later Itachi became....
  6. Before killing anyone, Itachi was....
  7. When Itachi attacked the Konoha village his target was...
  8. How did Itachi die?
  9. The last thing in the story that has Itachi was...
  10. In which Ultimate Ninja is the event that happened in the question before?

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