Which type of minecraft chicken are you?

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Do you find strange round things under yourself when you wake up? Are you covered in feathers? Are you pixelated? Do you land safely to the ground after jumping off a cliff? Then this quiz is perfect for you!

I wanted to do a 'chickens' song, but the quiz site said it had "Too much repeated text". Bet it would get 'annoying chicken' on this quiz! You'll have to make up the words yourself.

Created by: Thomas
  1. Which mob do you most hate?
  2. Which block do you most hate?
  3. Diamonds!!
  4. Ooh! Wheat seeds!
  5. Which of these ores is your favourite?
  6. Quick trivia: How do you create a diamond sword?
  7. Do you like the colour green?
  8. If you had to eat one of these, what would you pick?
  9. Which of these would you least like to eat?
  10. What type of chicken do you think you'll get (no effect on the results)?

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Quiz topic: Which type of minecraft chicken am I?