The Jumping to Conclusions Quiz

Today's world is faced with many problems. One of these very annoying problems is people jumping to conclusions all the darn time. It can cause wars, people.

Are you one of those people? Would your assumptions cause great chaos in the world? Well, you can find out right now with my quiz. Be careful, things may not be as they appear.

Created by: anonymou
  1. Why did I write this quiz?
  2. Am I an old spinster lady?
  3. I don't have a cat. I work at a school sometimes.
  4. I never work at the school during the school year, though. I rarely swim during the summer.
  5. Choose the first answer.
  6. I live somewhere really hot, actually. I live in Texas.
  7. Country music is my fifth favorite type of music. I like to eat a lot.
  8. Yes, yes, I am awesome. I was once on TV.
  9. Accidentally ending up on TV is still awesome. I don't watch much TV, though.
  10. Indeed. I never have the time for anything. Last thoughs?

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