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  • I am the only person on the road that drives the speedlimit. partly because of anarchism. I believe in following good rules perfectly and not following bad rules at all, rules not rulers... Where is that in anarchism? you had many questions that assumed that things are paid for by taxes. That is not how it works anymore, the money can be invented for every purpose possible as it is for banks and to inflate the stock market and military that somehow lose 23 trillion dollars somewhere because the money was never real. There should be a question where the answer is fully automated luxury anarcho communism.

    • For money to have any value, people must actually want to use it. I can't imagine that anyone would use money that is artificially inflated by capitalists, because there would be alternatives that hold actual value and can't be inflated (gold/crypto). Also existing laws are more or less arbitrary since the entire state has no right to exist and is a consenting agreement between absolutely no one. The current rules are passed down from either rulership by the many, democratically, or by some a--hole with no legitimate authority in a govt office. If you can produce more by pushing state speed limits, I don't really see a huge problem.


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