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  • Your result: Rosalie Cullen

    You are a beautiful and caring girl. You tend to overreact, but care aobut the lives of others. You wouldn't give your whole life up for your true love, but that doesn't mean you don't love him. Your human life and others human lives mean more to you than staying with him for all eternity.

    Ye ah, that pretty much describes me. ;)

  • Your Result: Alice Cullen

    You are an optimistic girly girl. You love to shop, and you pretty much love fashion. You are smart when you make decisions, and are strong when it comes to protecting those you love. You can get people to do almost anything for you because of your charming nature.

    --almost true...except. i am not a girly girl at all. im a total tomboy and i hate fashion and shopping. but i am strong and charming lol...

    and im totally optimistic!!!

    Too me
  • Your Result: Renesmee Cullen

    You are an easy-going fun girl. You aren't afraid to show others what you think or feel, but you always make sure you show them in a nice way. Everyone loves you because of your fun loving nature, and you are willing to do anything for those you love.

  • Your Result: Bella Swan

    You are a loving, but stubborn girl. You would give everything up for your soul mate, and are willing to die to protect him and your relatives. You try to be very brave for your family, and are afraid to hurt others feelings.

    --i got two....they were both full so i changed one answer to see this result! both bars for bella and alice were full...

    i am stubborn and i would never hurt someone's feelings...

    hm m...im bella and alice put together..cool!!

    Too me
  • I got Leah Clearwater.

    Water Ahhh
  • cool, renesme! mixed breed!

  • True , about Renesme !!!! Execept for the easy going part , i'm kinda shy !!!!

  • lol i got Renesme thats funny

  • LEAH????? no way!!!! *whines 'no fair! im not leah!!'*

  • rosalie (:

    rawr_im a dino

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