Which The Fault In Our Stars Character Are You

You are not intellectual than I thought. I didn't think a person like you could be so flipping cool! You are C-O-O-L! I'd be so happy. Why can't I be you?

I did expect great things out of you, but this? What is wrong with you? Do you have a 6.7 G.P.A.? I'm very impressed of you. Your probably the smartest kid in the state. Amazing skills and talent sir/ma'am.

Created by: Anastasia Tomlinson

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  1. Your crush asks you out. How do you respond to this?
  2. You find out that you have a life threatening disease, and your parents are NOT willing to pay for your operation. You are going to die in three months. How do you want to live out your last three months?
  3. Fantastic! You found a donor! How do you want to repay then for saving your life?
  4. Your donor passes away just before they were going to pay for the operation by taking the money out of the bank. You only have one month left, if not less. You will...
  5. Your parents confess on why they didn't post for the operation. As they talked with the doctor, they said that he/she would either (A) die during surgery, or (B) live for another month with a perminate disability. You are flabbergasted. You don't know what to say. You speak...
  6. With your decision, your parents are upset that you didn't pick what they wanted. You mother his you upside the head. You will...
  7. Your favorite book in the world gets destroyed by your mother. What do you do?
  8. Your donors brother/sister has pulled through with the money with only a one predicted week left to live. You could die at any moment. You will...
  9. With your decision, you have died either way, you are now dead. At your funeral, you mother looks disgusted at you. She put your favorite book in your casket. You will...
  10. Your crush had secretly loved you, too. He/She wrote your name all over their notebook, secretly said your name at night before falling asleep, and was about to ask you out. Your crush believes in s life after death like (just go with it even if you don't) you do. He/She jumps off of a bridge with no water underneath to be with you. He/She is now dead. You, for some reason, can't find him/her. (Sorry that this is so long) You will...

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