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  • Your Result: Luna 86%

    You're Luna Soong, hooray! :D You're a 15-year-old who loves doing anything but work and exercise, and would much rather sit and watch TV or YouTube. You love dyeing your hair all kinds of crazy colors, and dark purple is your favorite.

    86% Sonia
    86% Karen
    86% Molly
    72% Lucy
    58% Carmen
    58% Charlie
    42% Shan
    42% Connie
    42% Mara

  • Which Team Malibu character are you?
    Your Result: Charlie 72%

    You're 17-year-old Charlotte Kyle, and proud of it! You're a pink lover who always wants to be in every activity possible, and you're an awesome dancer, and guitar player. You're a tech savvy and a math wiz who doesn't hesitate trying to educate your family and friends with nifty facts, and tutor your twin sister, Shan. You also LOVE music, and always wanna turn it up to 11!

    72% Karen
    72% Mara
    58% Sonia
    58% Shan
    58% Carmen
    58% Molly
    58% Luna
    42% Connie
    42% Lucy
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    • Thanks for doing my quiz!

      Sophie G
  • nice quiz

    Faceless Knight