Which Team Malibu character are you?

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Hi there, my name is Sophie G, and welcome to my quiz! I created this quiz after fiction characters that I invented, and have used Barbie dolls to show you what they look like. Actually, it was because of the dolls that I even created the characters in the first place. I was also highly inspired by a friend of mine, who also likes dolls and created characters of her own.

In this quiz you can be one out of ten characters. Shan, Charlie, Lucy, Luna, Sonia, and Karen are blood related relatives who were adopted by the widowed Helen Parr after the girls’ parents died in an accident. The six cousins now live in Malibu, California, with their new mom and have all sorts of fun and adventures with each other and their friends. A day is never dull with them! Introducing the characters, I’ll start with Shannon and Charlotte Kyle, more commonly called Shan and Charlie, who are 17-year-old fraternal twins and are very close and try to understand each other’s different hobbies and passions. Their cousins, 16-year-old Lucy and 15-year-old Luna Soong don’t get along as well as the twins do, but they do share a love for explosive, action-packed superhero cartoons and love to play somewhat daring pranks, schemes that often get them into trouble. Shan, Charlie, Lucy and Luna’s other cousins, 14-year-old Sonia and 12-year-old Karen Parker, get along pretty well and love each other, but have totally different passions, so they don’t spend much time together. The girls have different friends, who are also featured in this quiz for more fun. There’s Connie Gray, Lucy’s best friend, Carmen Player, Sonia’s besties, and Molly and Mara Jam, Luna and Karen’s BFFs. Now that you are informed about what this quiz is about, have fun and take it! See which “Team Malibu” character you are! ~Sophie

Created by: Sophie G of SG's Blog
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  1. How old are you?
  2. What's your favorite color?
  3. Are you part of a big family?
  4. If so, how many in your fam?
  5. What would your friends describe you as?
  6. What's your hobby?
  7. What kind of music do you listen to?
  8. Do you have a dog?
  9. What color is your hair?
  10. What color are your eyes?
  11. Weird question, but...do you have thick eyebrows?
  12. What's your ideal device?
  13. What do you like to read?
  14. And last question, here we go...wait for it...did you like this quiz?

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