Which tank are you in Diep.io ? (Max level 15)

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Watch out ! This can contains spoilers on Diep.io ! If you don't have played diep.io , you NEED to play him because i'ts HYPER good ! But don't make this quiz if you don't played this FABULOUS game !

If you love diep.io , you which love ask , what tank are you ?So good , diep.io have tanks , so much tanks , you can have this tanks : Tank , Twin , Sniper , Machine gun OR fLank Guard !

Created by: VideoDamer
  1. What you love ?
  2. What is your favorite thing ?
  3. Are you a noob ?
  4. Do you want to be the tank you see before clicking this quiz ?
  5. You want to be :
  6. Are you high ?
  7. You have a sister/brother ?
  8. You love spray water or other thing ?
  9. If you have all you want , you will choose :
  10. Last question : Do you have a computer ?

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Quiz topic: Which tank am I in Diep.io ? (Max level 15)