Which Talking Tom Hero are you?

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Who is you hero character? What is his/her personality? Take this quiz to find out. You will be given 10 (or 9) questions. Those are easy questions, so don’t worry. There is no right or wrong answer.

Who will you get? You can get Angela, Tom, Hank, Ben, or even Ginger! Find out yourself! Don’t forget to rate my quiz! And now, I hope you will enjoy this relaxing quiz.

Created by: Tina Chu

  1. What do you want as your super power?
  2. Do you like to eat?
  3. How strong are you?
  4. Do you like to run?
  5. Are you an inventor?
  6. Do you want to be a hero?
  7. If you had a crystal, what color would it be?
  8. Dog or cat?
  9. Which hero would you want to be?
  10. Will you like my quiz? (this won’t effect you score)

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Quiz topic: Which Talking Tom Hero am I?