Which x-men are you

Take this quiz to find out your true x-men hero. Are you a rogue fighter or a hero who uses brains instead of strength you will know when you take this quiz

Are you an x men fan than this quiz will decide which one are you are you second or first class hero. Genius or all muscle or are you both all depends.

Created by: Dominick

  1. Mystic is causing mayhem. She is incognito. How do you find her.
  2. What is your way of transportation
  3. Weapon of choice
  4. Magneto is at the center of the city how do you stop.
  5. Juggernaut is charging at you with momenents to think what do you do
  6. How do you make a sandwich
  7. What do you do in spare time
  8. Your asked on a date by mystic. What do you say\do
  9. The avengers want you to be on their team what do you say
  10. Hulk is rampaging down town. How do you react?

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