How well do you know Big Hero 6?

Do you think you know everything about Big Hero 6. You think? Take thiscquiz to find out! I put more advances questions in this one. Perhsos reading the plot once more would count as studying, right?

Think youve got watch you need to answer these questions? Answer tgem and youll see if you are a true Big Hero 6 fan. I am, and some friends are. How about you? I cant wait to compete with you!

Created by: Devin Calmary

  1. What is Hiro's older brother's name?
  2. What is Hiro's brother's robotix project?
  3. How did Hiro's brother die?
  4. Who were Hiro's friends?
  5. What was was the villisn's name?
  6. Who is the only member of the team that wears a cape?
  7. What did Hiro do when he found out that Yokai was Callaghan?
  8. When Baymax opposed, what did Hiro then do?
  9. What was Yokais reason for destroying Krei Tech?
  10. Does Hiro nearly get swallowed up in the portal?
  11. Did the team plan to be superheroes?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Big Hero 6?