Which Swimsuit Should You Wear This Summer?

Swimsuit shopping might seem really painful and stressful, but it's possible to find a suit that fits your body well and makes you feel great. There are more than just bikinis, there are many different styles and shapes that will fit you and your personality.

I hope you have fun while taking this quiz! And I hope you have the best swimsuit ever this summer. Are you ready? Go ahead and have fun! And please remember to comment and rate when you are done!

Created by: kim1499
  1. Hello! Welcome to the quiz! Lets start!.. Out of these celebrities, which of these do you most look up to?
  2. Ok! What do you look like?
  3. Now some personality questions! Which of the following best describes your style?
  4. Today is your luck day! You can pick any three articles of clothing.. Any style any piece! For free! But ONLY three pieces of clothing... What do you choose?
  5. Are you daring? Yes or no, (or maybe you could say maybe)
  6. Now, I know that you are perfect, but I've noticed that many girls think they are "fat" when they're not. I'm one of those people.. Anyway, what part of your body don't you like about yourself?
  7. ... And to follow that, what do you like about yourself? (you can't say nothing!, also because I didn't put that as an answer hehe:)
  8. When you go to the beach, what do you do?
  9. Do you prefer your stomach covered or not?
  10. Did you like this quiz? PLease comment and rate, I think out of all my quizzes this one has taken the longest since I looked for pictures, made up detailed descriptions, and questions because I know that a lot of girls have this question... So would you pretty please comment and rate for me?

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Quiz topic: Which Swimsuit should I Wear This Summer?