which superhero are you going to be

HAVE YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BVE A SUPERHERO! Nows your chance! Find out which superhero you are! Then go save the GOD DAMN DAY!!! Arent you lucky! NO YOUR NOT YOU PANZEE! THATS RIGHT! GO SAVE THE GOD DMN DAY PANZEE!

YOUR A SUPERHERO! Now go save the day! you have powers! you never die!! woopdy-flippin doo! GOOD FOR YOU! i bet you not a superhero you panzee! big fat panzee! you make other panzees look cool you panzee!

Created by: amazon

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you get angry alot
  2. are you sensative
  3. do you turn green?
  4. Are you strong
  5. Do you do a lot of good deeds
  6. do you where a reapeeting coustume evryday
  7. are you dumb
  8. do you have a catch phrase
  9. are you funny
  10. do you abuse drugs
  11. do you use friends to get what you want
  12. do you hit people for the fun of it
  13. which superhero r you

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Quiz topic: Which superhero am I going to be