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  • Your Result: Robin 81%

    You are Robin, the Tactician of Ylisse! You are a mystery wrapped in an enigma. On the surface, you are calm and quiet. The fact that you're such a bookworm gives others the idea that there isn't much to your personality. But look beyond the surface and you'll find a devious and wildly competitive firecracker ready to shake things up at a moment's notice. This doesn't make you any less rational, however. If there's one person who can plot and scheme their way out of even the worst of situations, it's you. You are also very much a people person despite your appearance. No matter who you meet and how much you dislike each other at first, you usually end up as friends.

    62% Shulk
    44% Peach
    39% Sonic
    37% Samus
    35% Pit
    31% Mewtwo
    28% Dark Pit
    24% Palutena
    24% Mr. Game and Watch

  • You have no idea how accurate this is. This is literally how my friends and family have always described me, and every quiz I have taken with him, including his own game, I have gotten him as a result. I am literally Sonic the Hedgehog. WAY PAST COOL!!!

    Your Result: Sonic 89%

    You are the Blue Blur, Sonic the Hedgehog! Lots of people think you are stupid or even evil, but you're actually very smart and compassionate. You're just too cocky and laid back to bother showing it. You get bored very easily and generally must be entertained in order to stay in one place. As far as people go, if you like them, you'll never let them down. And if you don't like them? Well, let's just say that you never let them forget it. You live for the thrill of it and always do what you think is right, regardless of what others say. Most important of all, you are incredibly strong willed when you want to be. No matter who tries to bring you down, you will never give up. Ever.

  • Your Result: Dark Pit 72%

    You are Dark Pit, servant of no one! . . .Or Viridi, I guess. Everyone assumes you are emo, but you're really just a realist made bitter by a harsh reality. When everyone else wants to sugarcoat things, you dive right in and explain exactly why they suck. Everything you do, you do for yourself. But even if you don't care about other people much, you don't really go out of your way to bother them unless they annoy you, either. You also try to act cool a lot. This usually fails.

    64% Pit
    64% Peach
    56% Mewtwo
    56% Shulk
    54% Mr. Game and Watch
    52% Robin
    40% Samus
    38% Palutena
    36% Sonic
    I Actually Wanted Sonic Or Dark Pit
    Atleast I Got One Of Them

    (And Actually I'm Often Called An Emo And I'm Allways Working Alone And I'm Servant To No One By Myself)

  • Your Result: Pit 83%

    You are Pit, servant of the goddess Palutena and the leader of Skyworld's forces! You may be goofy. You may be dumb. You may be somewhat unsanitary and complain a lot. But at the end of the day, it's your idealism and purity that really shine through. Sure, you tend to be a bit of a doormat. But if someone else is getting stepped on, you see it as your personal duty to rescue them, no matter how badly doing so might turn out for you. Most people tend to mock you for your flaws. But those who give you a chance can't help but like you at least a little.

    Uh...so is that good?

  • Samus,I am very self reliant on myself and don't trust others well due to my abusive past. I also am a dream achiever and goal setter too. Cool quiz mate.

  • I got dumb mr.game and watch!😠

    • mr game and wacth is strong not dumb! i can win online with him

      LUNA DG IF
  • mr game and wacth is strong not dumb! i can win online with him


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