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  • i like zack but im 1 london then baily londons me me me

    3456sarah Jun 21 '14, 6:22PM
  • Cody! :D

    OmegaWolf9 Jan 9 '13, 7:56AM
  • Bailey:.)
    Great Quiz!

    allycat88 Apr 1 '12, 2:42PM
  • Nice^^ I'm like Cody^^
    Smart and sensitve

    Sara AlMarzouqi Dec 14 '11, 9:12AM
  • well i like it cuz i've no friend to spand time with so i watch this series

    AamirAdamson Oct 13 '11, 3:07PM
  • i got Zach

    reds565 Jun 7 '11, 12:06PM
  • im bailey which is really true......we both smart,intelligent,f unny,friendly,carin g,optimistic,love 4 animals,and hate lyin.....:]

    egyptbuzz Sep 11 '10, 8:45PM
  • woa im smart and sensitve like cody

    skilled captain Oct 27 '09, 6:44AM
  • Your Result: Bailey

    Hehe, Kool! The results say: You act like Bailey! You are very smart, and you have lots of potential on you ..Just like Bailey! Thank you for taking my quiz. ;DD

    Girl12sigh May 24 '09, 8:08AM
  • sweet i am baliey i am smart and when i see that person i ask them out because i am cool

    baliey Nov 22 '08, 1:50PM
  • Cool, i'm just like cody! =D

    puffandpuff Oct 25 '08, 5:56PM

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