Which Squid Sister Are You?

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The Squid Sisters are an idol duo from the game Splatoon on the Wii U. Their role in the game is to be the singers of many fresh songs which are played during special events called Splatfests.

These two characters have very different personalities- Callie, the one dressed in pink, is the more excitable one where Marie, the one dressed in green, is more quiet and aloof. Which one of these popular characters are YOU?

Created by: TheGrandStar

  1. Do you prefer dogs or cats?
  2. Do you prefer rock or pop music?
  3. Do you get stage fright?
  4. Are you fond of puns?
  5. Would you rather ride a roller coaster or a waterslide?
  6. Do you like pineapples on pizza?
  7. Singing or dancing?
  8. Is love or money more important?
  9. Which subject do you prefer- art or science?
  10. Are marshmallows or hot dogs more to your liking?
  11. Is your room more to the messy side or is it super neat and tidy?
  12. Would you rather time travel to the past or the future?
  13. Do you prefer the colour pink or green?
  14. Would you rather have a perfect body or an intelligent mind?
  15. Which is a more delicious food- burgers or pizza?
  16. Is eating or sleeping a more appealing pastime?
  17. Lastly, which Squid Sister do you think you are?

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