Which SpeedCube is for You?

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There are many cubes, so many that are overwhelming. The average newbie speed cuber would get so confused in this wreck. "They recommend Aolong but I am newb and think Rubik's Brand is better than cheap chinese ripoff HURR DURR"

Thanks to this new survey, you can find the cube for you, while also having fun in the process (hopefully). I hope you enjoy my quiz: "Which SpeedCube is for You?"

Created by: DandyQ
  1. Welcome! Before we actually start asking about the cube, how much is your budget?
  2. Alright, let's begin. Let's start simple: How fast are you? Click the one that applies closest to you.
  3. Alright. Which kind of feeling are you looking for?
  4. How fast would you like your cube to be?
  5. Do you care how nice your cube looks?
  6. Which event are you using this cube for?
  7. Do you care a lot about how the cube feels?
  8. Which method do you use?
  9. So, how was the survey? Don't worry, this is only for feedback purposes.
  10. Keep in mind: This is not meant to replace other "Which cube" things. It was just for fun and for something more interactive. So plsdontragepls

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