The Cube For You

Are you looking for a speed cube to buy? Well all you have to do is take this quiz. If you are into speed cubing then this quiz is a must do. DO THIS QUIZ!!

This quiz will tell you which speed cube you MUST get. This quiz compares out of 8 speed cubes and at the end of the quiz it will tell you what the best cube for you is!

Created by: Angus

  1. How smooth you want your cube to be.
  2. Your Average Time
  3. Best Time
  4. How good do you want corner cutting to be
  5. How fast you want your cube to be
  6. The colour
  7. How much you hate lock ups
  8. How much do you want to pay?
  9. Do you mind pops and corner twists?
  10. What cube do you use now?

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