How well do you know Cheap Trick?

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Cheap Trick are a popular and influential rock band who got their start in the 1970s and are still together, performing and releasing new music today.

How much do you know about Cheap Trick? A lot? A little? Somewhere in between? Take this quiz and discover how comprehensive your knowledge of Cheap Trick trivia really is.

Created by: Zobbin Rander
  1. Who is the lead guitarist in Cheap Trick?
  2. Which midwestern city is the band from?
  3. Before becoming popular in the U.S., Cheap Trick had already hit big in another country, specifically...
  4. The band's highest charting single was...
  5. By the time they hit big with their 1978 live album At Budokan, Cheap Trick had already released three studio albums. Songs from two of those albums appear on At Budokan, but which two?
  6. Cheap Trick's self-titled debut album differs from most records because instead of Side 1 and Side 2, the two sides are labelled...
  7. Cheap Trick played three songs in the 1983 animated movie Rock and Rule. What was the name of the character that Robin Zander provided the singing voice for?
  8. Standard bass guitars have four strings, but Cheap Trick's Tom Petersson invented and plays a bass with a different number of strings. How many?
  9. One of Cheap Trick's early albums is notable for being the first recording to feature a bass with that number of strings. Which album?
  10. What colour eyes does Robin Zander have?
  11. Cheap Trick were inspired to cover Fats Domino's 1955 hit Ain't That a Shame after hearing an earlier cover by which artist?
  12. Jon Brant played bass on four Cheap Trick albums in the 1980s, but only co-wrote songs on one of them. Which album was this?
  13. Cheap Trick play the washed up rock band Pandemonium in an episode of the 1995 anthology series The Watcher. What is the name of the character that Robin Zander plays?
  14. Which of the following items of clothing is not part of Rick Nielsen's signature look?
  15. Bun E. Carlos's real name is...
  16. Walk Away, from the 1990 album Busted, features which female singer on backing vocals?
  17. Robin Zander has a French bulldog named...
  18. Tom Petersson currently lives in...
  19. The only Cheap Trick songs featuring short-lived bassist Pete Comita appear on the soundtracks of two movies. One was Rock and Rule, and the other was...
  20. Which two members of the band were born in 1950?
  21. Which John Lennon song did Rick Nielsen and Bun E. Carlos play on?
  22. Cheap Trick have released two albums named Cheap Trick. In what years were these albums released?
  23. Some Cheap Trick albums feature Robin Zander and Tom Petersson on the front cover and Rick Nielsen and Bun E. Carlos on the back. Which of the following albums does NOT have a cover like this?
  24. Cheap Trick's 1988 album Lap of Luxury spawned five singles, of which four had music videos. What was the song that didn't have an accompanying video?
  25. Cheap Trick's 1980 album All Shook Up was produced by legendary Beatles producer George Martin, who provides the spoken interlude on which track?
  26. Rick Nielsen's wife and Robin Zander's first wife share the same first name, which is...
  27. Cheap Trick's first album without Bun E. Carlos (Bang, Zoom, Crazy... Hello) and Bun E. Carlos's first solo album (Greetings From Bunezuela!) were both released in 2016. Which of the following sentences best describes the order in which they were released?
  28. Of the band's classic lineup (Rick, Robin, Tom, Bun E), Robin Zander is the...
  29. Rick Nielsen is known for playing a variety of interesting and creative custom made guitars, including one that his shaped like himself. What name did he give this guitar?
  30. In 2016, Steel Panther released a cover of Cheap Trick's 1982 hit She's Tight. The song and accompanying video both feature which member of Cheap Trick?
  31. In the 1990s, Cheap Trick recorded three ad jingles for Pepsi which were ultimately not used. The tune for one of these jingles was repurposed as which song on their 2009 album The Latest?
  32. Another of the unused Pepsi jingles mentions which then-future U.S. President?
  33. Included as a bonus track on the 2003 album Special One is a version of the title track that differs from the standard version in that it is...
  34. Robin Zander was born three days after which major political event?
  35. Which song does Cheap Trick almost always end their live concerts with?

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