Which Sonic character would be your best friend? (ROLE PLAY)

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Wanna know who's YOUR best friend? Well, the name says it all! This is based on my opinion though, but I think it's a pretty good one! Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and Cosmo are all valid results!

Tails:" who wants to know which one of us is your best friend? " Cosmo :" How about you?" Knuckles :" Talk about breaking the fourth wall." Amy :" I bet we'll get along great!

Created by: Tails
  1. Tails : "Hey! Over here! Wanna know which one of us is your best friend?"
  2. Tails : "So, first things first, who do YOU think would be you best friend?" Cream : "Don't worry, it won't change your scores!"
  3. Tails: "I won't be offended who you picked-" Knuckles : " I will if you didn't pick me!" Tails : "BUT it's time to get on with the real parts. Like... What's your favorite colour? " Knuckles : "That's a dumb question."
  4. Tails : " Hey Cosmo, do you wanna pick the next one?" Cosmo :" Oh, you can let someone else " Tails :" Nah, they won't mind!" "Oh, alright. Hmmmm.... What's your favorite movie?"
  5. Tails :"So, what are you like?" Cosmo:" Oooooh, that's a good one!"
  6. Tails :" We've got five questions left and Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Cream haven't said one yet! Amy:" I'll go! What do you see in a person? "
  7. Tails" Give it a go, Sonic!" Sonic:"What would you do in a fight? "
  8. Tails :" Take it, Knuckles!" Knuckles: "are you good at winning?" Tails : * whispering* " And he said MINE was a dumb question. "
  9. Tails :"FINAL TWO! Cream you should do it!" Cream :"Ok! What's your favorite kind of food?"
  10. Tails:" Last one! Let's all do it!" All:" What animal are you?" Knuckles :" Is that a rude question? " Sonic :"Probably ,"

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Quiz topic: Which Sonic character would be my best friend? (ROLE PLAY)