Which Sonic Character Are YOU?

Prove What Kind Of Sonic Character Personality Do You Have? Check Out This Uniuqe Quiz To See What You Truely Are? Good,Evil,Smart,Clumsy, And Several More, See For Yourself

As A Sonic Fan, We All Love To See Who We WOULD Be In Their Own Universe. Take This Quiz To See What Personality Of What Character You Possess? Continue On, Sonic Fans

Created by: Phillip
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  1. What Do You Do When You Have Free Time?
  2. When Your Dealing an Enemy. What Way Do You attack?
  3. You See Someone Being Robbed. How Do You React?
  4. What Music Do You Like?
  5. Whats Your Favorite Part Of Being a Hero?
  6. Your About To Commence an Aggresive Battle With A Friend, How Do You Respond?
  7. Your Against One Of Eggmans Giant Machines, What Do You Do?
  8. How Would You Align Yourself In The Sonic World?
  9. You Have To Choose Between Mercy Or Revenge. Which Do You Choose?
  10. To You? What Truely Matters?
  11. What Animal In The Sonic Universe Would You Be? [Doesn't Matter, But It's Extra Results]

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Quiz topic: Which Sonic Character am I?