Which sister location character are you mostly like

Ok so this is my first quiz ever and I am pretty bad but it’s my first time gimmē a break. The quiz is or should be short. I think it’s confusing but I’m not sure, so plz enjoy or at least try to

So at the third question it explains about how you shall start to ...umm...like answering for the animatronics so I’m very sorry about that and this quiz is not official.

Created by: Daisy

  1. This is my first quiz so plz be a little nice.Okay first question, what is ur favorite color?
  2. Okay question two, what food do you like the best......no not in matter with FNaF just questioning my stupidity
  3. So u actually stayed till question 3, If u killed someone where would u hide the body
  4. Sorry I’m gonna start having u speak for the animatronics so question 4Who do u want
  5. So on to number 5 it will be randomHow do you feel about the scooper
  6. So #6If you were an animal what would u be
  7. 7How do u feel about the night guard.
  8. 8If you ever got a pet what would is be(yes this matters)
  9. So how does the FNaF movie make you feel
  10. Ok u made it to the last question why did you click on this quiz

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Quiz topic: Which sister location character am I mostly like