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  • i got cher lloyd!! Yay. My favorite!

    BBgirl Sep 1 '14, 4:06PM
  • How do you not know who dove cameron is whats wrong with you shes beautiful im her biggest fan like EVER i Love her sooooooooooo much how do ya not no who she is do you watch disney channle liv&maddie omg your nuts shes amazing i got her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

    Brianlover1 Jun 3 '14, 2:02PM
  • Prismatic,Dove Cameron is the main character on Liv and Madie. She plays Liv and Maddie.

    QUIZFIZZ2 May 18 '14, 3:23PM
  • I got Taylor Swift. Yup, You are right!!

    melovesinging_ May 18 '14, 6:08AM
  • I got Dove Cameron (not sure who that is though)

    Prismatic May 14 '14, 3:20PM
  • I am 66% Cher Lloyd

    districtclove May 11 '14, 4:04PM

    Andoza May 4 '14, 2:35PM

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