Which side of the Force are You?

Which side of the force are you? Do you pursue victory and success, or do you crave knowledge and peace? Or do you crave inner peace and balance? Find out with this Star Wars quiz.

Find out if you are a Dark Side user, who is willing to do anything to achieve success, or a light side user, who wants harmony and peace among all beings? Or something in between?

Created by: poiu

  1. What colour lightsaber would you wield?
  2. Which of these values are most important to you.
  3. What is your favourite force ability?
  4. Who would be your master?
  5. If you could only save one person, who would you save?
  6. Do you often manipulate people into following your wills?
  7. When achieving your goals, are you willing to sacrifice the wellbeing of others to achieve it?
  8. Do you believe that Social Darwinism is right?
  9. What ship would you fly?
  10. Which planet would you live on?
  11. Which emotion of yours is most powerful?
  12. Do you feel trapped in life?

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Quiz topic: Which side of the Force am I?