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  • Dog #4 77%

    Dog #4 wants to home with you! He is a very small, adorable puppy who is friendly and affectionate. He used to be a stray, and was skinny and unhealthy when the shelter rescued him and saved his life. When you got there, all of his siblings were already adopted, and he was the last one left and was very excited to meet you. You adopt him because you know he is a sweet puppy who deserves a forever home!

    I would name him Midnight:)

  • Cat #4 wants to go home with you! He is a very friendly, hairless cat. No one wanted to adopt him because they thought he was ugly. But he is the nicest pet in the shelter, and when you meet him he meows loudly and runs up to you! He seems to have chosen you. You adopt him because of how sweet and affectionate he is.

    i don't care if he had hair or not this cat chose me and i'm happy that he did.

    his name will be Mardue

  • Took it agian and it says dog #1 I love older animals! I would name him River after a shelter dog I adopted.

  • Whoops I was saying I would name him Patches.

  • I got the 1st cat, the black one. I think she's so cute! I'd name her Inky, because of her inky black fur. Great quiz!

  • I got cat #4 I


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