Which Seabag is you?

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Seabags is a brand of bag that is locally from Maine. They are made out of recycled sails from sail boats. They have been getting more and more popular.

Here is a little quiz that can help you determine which Seabag suits you. Although these are only a few selections, there are more on our website: Seabags.com. It's a fun little quiz we hope you enjoy.

Created by: Tiffani
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  1. You are at the mall and someone drops 20 dollars but didn't notice and walks away. What do you do?
  2. If someone asked you if you could do anything (job) in the future you answer: (answer as closely as you can)
  3. If you could choose one drink that best describes you, which would you choose?
  4. If you read a mystery book and there was a sentence that said "The drapes were red" and the professor guessed that there was a significant meaning behind it, you would say:
  5. Which movie genre suits you?
  6. Which class interest you the most?
  7. If there was a cute boy/girl sitting next to you at a coffee shop, how would you start talking to them?
  8. If you could pick a place to go on vacation where would you go?
  9. You are late for work/class and you had to make up an excuse, it would be:
  10. Do you procrastinate?

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