Which Roblox Stereotype is You?

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I was surfing the web and I found that a lot of these quizzes aren't great. They are childish, broken, and doesn't make sense. I wanted a quiz that was simple, non-biased, and clear.

This quiz about Roblox Stereotypes and which one, based on the quiz, is likely you. You have seven possible results you can get. Once you are done, please rate honestly on what you liked about the quiz, so I can improve on it. There are ten questions to answer, good luck!

Created by: Kenneth

  1. When did you start playing Roblox?
  2. Why are you still playing Roblox?
  3. What are you known for?
  4. What are you mostly been doing on the platform?
  5. What do your Roblox friends think of you?
  6. What is your opinion about Roblox at the moment?
  7. What is your overall opinion about Roblox?
  8. What do you think is the best thing about Roblox?
  9. What is a fad that you are glad died off?
  10. What do you consider the golden age of Roblox?

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