Which Riverdale Character Are You

have you ever wondered who you really are in Riverdale? well answer this quiz to find out. if you get the person you wanted to get maybe try it again or if not maybe try other quizzes.

Have fun answering these quiz questions, I hope you get the person you want. When I watched Riverdale I was in love with Jughead and I wanted to be Veronica. Sorry if you like Betty but I personally hate her.

Created by: lolly
  1. I spend my spare time
  2. I am on team
  3. in a crises I
  4. in pops I order a
  5. my friends describe me as
  6. in a life or death situation I go with my
  7. in my bag I always carry my
  8. my dream job is
  9. my favourite colour is
  10. the sport that I do is

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